Friday, May 6, 2011


      I have been sewing since my mom (whom I thank to this day for this) gave me a needle, a spool of thread and some scraps of fabric. I was 8 years old. And for the next 2 and a half years I made countless of dresses, skirts, shirts, hats, socks, and yes even underwear for my dolls and teddy bears. Something I wish we could have brought with us when we moved from Moldova to the United States of America. Or at least had photos of.

      Later in my teen years I broke my mom’s sewing machine so many times I lost count. I learned to sew from patterns and I learned to refashion old, big and unwanted clothing into pretty skirts and shirts.

      Then for our first Christmas together my loving husband presented me with my very own sewing machine (which I still use). Since then I have made quite a few articles of clothing for my children, husband and myself.

      When I was young it was fun to sew for my dolls… When I was a teen I was too embarrassed to wear home sewn or refashioned clothing... I wanted to wear the store bought clothes like everyone else… And even up until recently I was still too embarrassed that I had to make my own clothes… And I hadn’t sewn a single piece of clothing in almost 4 years!

      But no more! Look out world! Here I come! Sewing and refashioning to my hearts content! And wearing [my] clothes with pride :)


  1. You go sister! Today I'm going to wear one of the shirts I refashioned from size 16. Its not perfect but I like it! Nothing to be embarrassed of especially if its cute, I had fun doing it, and It saved me a couple of $ on buying new clothes (probably more than a couple). I also refashioned a dress that I plan on wearing to Eddies wedding, now I just need to find some kind of fabric I can refashion into a shawl to go with it. Anyway, my sister Vika cant sleep at night after your blog and facebook page. She keeps coming up with refashioning projects for clothes in her closet that she doesn't wear. All thanks to you, you seriously inspire us. I cant wait to visit you and see all the things you made/refashioned up close. Love you sis.

  2. Aww thanks Ritochka! I love you too! And I'm glad I could inspire you and Vika! That's one of the reasons for this blog. Check out the blogs I follow, they are [my] inspirations...

  3. Lana's Inpired CreationsMay 11, 2011

    Your mom must be very proud right now seeing her daughter making all this cool stuff. The broken sewing machine was worth it ;-)

    Your story is very similar to mine, I also began sewing and knitting for my dolls at very young age, way before I went to 1st grade, and I remember also that my mom was sewing something for us (the kids) and gave me her scraps and showed me few things on how to work with needle and threat. Later, my "designer" outfits for my dolls began forming. Recently, while I was making my latest project, my daughter also wanted to do something for her doll as well and I showed her how to make a straight stitch on sewing she kept on sewing all my scraps together and guess what?! LOL, she broke my sewing machine, well not broke, but got a whole lots of fabric jammed in there that we had to take it apart to get the fabric out of it. Nevertheless, I am filled with joy that she is showing interest in crafting.

  4. I want a daughter to break my sewing machine...


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