Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flowery Dress Refashion

I bought this dress at Unique Thrift Store for  $4.50.

I like the flowers,
but the dress had shoulder pads,
a neither-here-nor-there length
and the sleeves and arm pit area were too big.

oh my, you can totally see my undergarments through the sleeves!
(no photos of this embarrassment were taken)

First... the shoulder pads absolutely had to go!

I couldn't find my seam ripper, so I used my rotary cutter

Made the arm holes smaller, which in turn fixed the arm pit area.

The red dots are where I placed my pins...

ahh, much better :)

 Cut off 6 inches from the bottom.

Don't you just love the print??

To decide how much to cut off
I measured from the hip seam down to my knees
and added 2 inches for the hem.

yard sticks come in handy when you
have to measure all by your lonessome

  Then I turned the edge under 1 inch and pressed,
and then turned under another 1 inch under
to enclose the cut edge and pressed.

 Sewed the new hem in place.

Now I have a cute flowery dress.

I love that it has pockets!


  1. Wow!!! cute cute cute, love the print too! Pockets are a plus ;-)

  2. You look very cute in this dress.


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