Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Thrifting

When I go thrift shopping, there are a few things that I look for:

First, I look for colors and patterns that catch my eye.

Then I look to see if it's made of natural fibers:
cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, etc.

If the garment falls into both of these categories,
I buy it, usually no matter the size.
I can always make it my size or just refashion.

If I like the color but its not made of natural fibers,
like polyester or rayon,
I place it right back, even if it is my size.
It's not worth my time or money to refashion.
I try to stay with naturals.

Sometimes, however, I do see a garment that I absolutely love,
but its not made of natural fibers.. I buy it..
and this happens very rarely.

Like this dress for instance
[Bedford Fair]
I love the flowers, but it's made of cotton and rayon. 
The sleeves and length need to be fixed and it was only $4.50

And last, but just as important, I look at the price.
Helps when it comes to those rare moments just mentioned.
Usually I like to stay under $10,
sometimes even under $5,
but there are some things that are worth more.

Like this suede jacket I bought last month.
It still has its price tag from JCPenney @ $139.00 [St. John's Bay]
and Unique Thrift Store was selling it for $44.
They were having a 50% off sale,
so I paid a whopping $22 for it! 

Now the jacket is, well... as you can see, lime green.
It's a lovely color believe me, but it's just too much for me.
Not to mention too large.
But it is real suede, and for $22, I couldn't pass it up
So far the plan is to repurpose it. I'm thinking baby shoes.

Here are some more of my recent thrifty finds...

 Silk Skirt
[Jones New York]

 Silk Dress
[Linda Allard Ellen Tracy]

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  1. oh, my lovin the ideas you have. I need my personal
    Russian tailor to make sure I have skirts for summer..lol

  2. I LOVE the red silk dress. I usually try to stick to a $5 per item budget and make sure the fabric is in good condition.
    You should should explain more about your fabric choice. I'm just learning about different kinds of fabric but I dont have a preference yet. If you have some good points/reasons please share.

  3. Sure! I will write a blog about it :)


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