Friday, December 20, 2013

Why God Made Mothers

I was reading answers given by 2nd grade schoolchildren to the following questions and I thought they were so interesting and funny. I wanted to know what my children's answers would be 
so I asked them :)

Why did God make mothers?
Simon (9.5, 4th grade): Without mothers there would be no people.
Stanley (7, 2nd grade): To make sure their children not have too much candy and not play too much video games and not watch too much movies.
Thaddeus (5, pre-k): To make babies.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Aprons

  I got a job at Jo-Ann Fabrics!!!!
     I am so excited to be able to work in one of my favorite stores! About a month ago I found out that my local Jo-Ann's was hiring, I went straight to my computer to apply!! I had an interview almost immediately and then after filling out and signing a bunch of paper work online, I was hired!!

     I have worked a few shifts already, one of them being on Black Friday Morning, and am having tons of fun!
     Part of the Jo-Ann Fabrics uniform is to wear an apron. Although they do provide one for you, it's just a plain green apron with their logo on it, I was told we could make our own! Provided, of course, that we use current Jo-Ann's fabric and that the colors go with the season. Right now the season is Christmas/winter so I made myself this pretty and reversible apron: