Friday, September 29, 2017

Our new home

     Many people are downsizing their stuff and their homes, going from big homes to tiny homes. Not us. We were living in a 1,260 square foot home. 9 people in that tiny house. We were like sardines in a can.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Guest Post | Simple Steps: How I Plan Meals

     Today, instead of writing about me, I would like to share a friends blog post. Alesia and I met in a Facebook group of Russian mama's. We had quite a few things in common, started chatting, and now we even co-admin another Facebook group. We have never met in person, but if given the chance, I would take that chance in a heart beat! She is one of the sweetest and caring women I know and she writes about her life in her blog, Simple Steps. The post I will be sharing with you today is how she meal plans with 3 kids under 3!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Large Family | Moving

     I do not enjoy moving. It's always chaotic and headache inducing. Somehow it has always turned out that I was either super pregnant or nursing a baby or we had one week to pack. Things would get frantically thrown into boxes, not labeled. Some things thrown together that didn't even belong together. Whenever unpacking boxes, it was like opening Christmas gifts, I never knew what I was going to find in there. And some times even had some surprises, like, "Hey, a whisk in my clothes!" Or "Hey, my shirt between glass vases." On top of that, the more Chickadees we had, the more stuff we had, the harder it got. This time I refuse to let it be chaotic, so I made a plan...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Things you may not know about me #3

     I may have been born in the city and grew up in the suburbs, but once I moved to the country side, I found my home.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy news!!

     Some time in June Mr. Chickadee and I decided it was time to move. We have outgrown our mobile home and are ready for something new. My mom jokingly calls us gypsies hehe. Anywho.. in July we talked about moving to Texas, Florida, or North Carolina. So while the chickadees and I visited my family in August, Mr. Chickadee visited those states. Scoping out work and living arrangments. He also asked me to do the same in Minnesota.