Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roast Duck

(this is NOT my duck)
(keep reading to see MY duck)

After viewing five different recipes for roast duck,
I didn't need to think twice.
I knew I was going to try this one!

I did run into a few set backs...

1) I lost my roasting pan..
no clue where it went..
and had to use a regular pan
2) Mr. Chickadee does not like sweet meat...
in fact he hates it!
So I omitted the glaze

And here is how my Roast Duck turned out!
It looks nothing like Hungry Mouse's!
Some of the skin stuck to the pan :(
(I'm 100% sure it would have turned out had I use a roasting pan)
And it isn't shiny at all...
(next time I'll use a glaze.. just not a sweet one)

But all in all it was delicious!
Even my friend Lana said so...
unless she was just being nice :)

Mr. Chickadee on the other hand said it tasted liver-ish...
I'm beginning to think everything tastes liver-ish to him lol

It wasn't dry on the inside,
it was crispy on the outside,
to me it was:
lip smacking,
finger licking,
yummy in my tummy
I had never had duck before
but I'll tell you this...

I will be roasting duck again!


  1. its true:... "lip smacking,
    finger licking,
    yummy in my tummy
    delicious!" :D

  2. at least he didn't say it tasted like chicken...that would mean he hated


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