Monday, January 29, 2018

I Let My Family Dress Me For a Week

     I'm in this pretty fun Capsule Wardrobe Collective group on Facebook and came across this article there: I let my husband pick my outfits for a week

     I thought it would be fun to try something similar.. I wanted to get the chickadees involved as well.. so here we go.. I let my family pick my outfits for a week!!

5 year old daughter picked the top and skirt.. we went grocery shopping so I added the tights and shoes for warmth and practicality.

This outfit was put together by 8 year old son. We were chilling at home that day so I didn't need to add any warmer layers  (we keep our house at 74°) and I wouldn't normally wear such a skirt just at home, but that's what he liked. So I wore it and may have twirled a few times ;)

This outfit is brought to you by 9 year old son.. quite fancy for wearing around the house.. but he picked it and I wore it. Made me feel really nice actually.

11 year old son selected this outfit. I did steer him to pick layers because I was going to be outside running errands.. and I'm wearing warm knit tights under the skirt!

Unfortunely 2 of our young Chickadees were sick that day. Sick kids equals snot.. so this mama wore pajamas all day for comfort, easy breastfeeding access, and unlimited cuddles. 

This outfit was put together by 13 year old son. After he selected the pants and top, I asked for another layer of warmth and he handed me the mustard cardigan. The green top is actually quite long and flared,  so I tucked it in for a better look.

Mr. Chicadee's turn..
I guess he likes denim hehe..
I added the belt, but we were home all day cleaning so I took it off for comfort.

So what did I learn this week? My family likes bright colors, skirts and dresses, and very feminine looks ❤

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