Monday, May 7, 2018

Crunchy Mama Tag

     My friend over at Simple Steps did a Crunchy Mama Tag and I enjoyed reading it.. thought I'd check myself too hehe..

     This is how it works, I get a "point" for each "crunchy" thing that I've done. This is all just for fun, there are no trophies or anything ;) Let's see how crunchy I am..

1- Stopped shaving legs

     No, although I don't shave daily, I do like my legs smooth.

2- Stored coconut oil in the bathroom

     Yes. I use it as a moisturizer & makeup remover.

3- Put garlic oil in my ear

     No,  but I haven't needed to. I have put it in Mr. Chickadee's ear.

4- Bought vinegar by the gallon

     Yes. I use it as a fabric softener, cleaner, & to wash fruits and veggies

5- Bought from the bulk bins

     We have 7 chickadees, of course! hehe.

6- Breastfed a baby

     Yes. 82 collective months between my 7 chickadees and baby chickadee is still breastfeeding. That's 6.83 years. Woah.

7- Washed a cloth diaper

     Yes. More than one too. hehe.

8- Used breastmilk as a remedy

     Yes. It's astonishing how amazing breast milk is.

9- Done family cloth

     Nope. And never will. No, this is not one of those 'never say never' moments either.

10- Made my own cleaner

     Yes. All the time.

11- Used soap nuts


12- Said "We don't use paper towels"

    Yes, but only because I was being silly when a Chickadee asked if we had any paper towels as I was holding a roll.. but we do use them.. please don't stone me ;) 

13- Tried oil pulling

     Yes. I can do it.. but man it hurts my jaw to swish for 20 minutes!

14- Washed my hair without shampoo

     Yes, I've tried the 'no-poo' method and though it worked great for a while, my hair started feeling like straw.. 

15- Worn orange glasses


16- Licked a salt lamp

     Yes, lol, I was checking to make sure it was real.

17- Said "There's an oil for that"

     Maybe not those exact words, but I do often suggest essential oils.

18- Used herbs as remedies

     Yes. Herbs are God given medicines.

19- Made my own deodorant

     Yes. Did not like it.. maybe I messed up somewhere, it was scratching my pits.

20- Read the ingredient list of anything

     Yes. Always. Even the chickadees do (parenting win right there)

21- Used a baby carrier

     Yes. Absolutely a must!

22- Dug through the trash for recycling

     Yes.. chickadees don't always care about these things..

23- Used activated charcoal


24- Soaked grains or nuts

     Yes. I was surprised how much more flavorful they were!

25- Drank kombucha

     Yes, regularly. We brew our own. So yum!

26- Had a cabinet full of mason jars

     Yes. Great for storing, drinking, playing, whatever lol

27- Made my own bone broth

     Yes. My favorite is chicken and I like to drink it by itself.

22 out of 27.. I'd say that's pretty crunchy hehe Now I want my trophy ;)

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