Friday, April 13, 2018

Packing light for a 3 day trip

     I needed to fly to Missouri for a day and the tickets I purchased required almost a whole day to fly there and a whole day back... so I would be gone for three days.. Apparently, nowadays, you have to pay extra even for a carry on bag, but at least you're allowed a smaller personal bag at no extra charge. So I needed to figure out how to pack light into a purse.

This is what I planned out..

Top row: sweater, flannel shirt, maxi dress, essentials bag, and wallet.

Middle row: leather jacket, pants, earrings, denim jacket, and the purse.

Bottom row: socks and undies, book, and crossbag.

And not pictured are the keds that I wore..

I love how the capsule wardrobe concept has taught me to pack light! Everything fit in the purse!! With room for a phone and charger.. and last minute I threw in a hair straightener 😊

Well everything but what I was wearing on the flight over.. of course..

The next day...
Took care of business and hung out with a friend..

On the flight back..

While in Missouri, the contents of my bag increased "a tad" and got a bit heavy..

so I ended up getting a rolling cart thingy at the airport lol, but it all still fit!

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