Saturday, June 11, 2011

Save money...

Without opening a savings account.

"How?" You ask?

This is a trick that I have done in the past,
not sure why I stopped,
but I started doing it again in the beginning of May.

When you balance your check book,
you normally write down the exact amount you spent.
Whether you used your debit card, wrote a check or paid your bills online.

Well instead of writing the exact amount,
I round it up.

So let's say I spent $23.42 here, $57.38 there and $11.57 else where.
(total of $92.37)
In my ledger I write them as $24, $58 and $12.
(total of $94)

That's a difference of $1.63 !!!

OK you're probably thinking,
"So what? That's not much"

But think about it...
Those calculations are just for 3 transactions.
How many transactions do you make a month?

Just in May alone I have saved $50!!!!!

Times that by 12 months and I will have saved $600!!!

Some months I have more transactions and other months I have less...
and all transactions have a different amount.
So that $600 a year is give or take.

This is exactly like when you use cash and put your change into a jar.

I haven't done this yet this time around,
but I used to do it a few years ago.
I would randomly write in transactions ranging from $10-$30.

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra money!!!!

And if you DO have a savings account you can still do this.
Just transfer the extra money to your savings account at the end of every month.

Is this something you already do?
Is this something you think you would want to do?
What are your money saving tips? 


  1. I make all my transactions online, do not balance a check book but instead check my balance online where it tells me exactly how much I have or spent (cant really round it up)...but that's clever way of stashing some extra change away or should I say surprise yourself at the end of the year where your balance is much higher than you actually thought!

  2. money saving tips are coupons, deals, free stuff, staying on the budget and spending less than what we earn. All that is left at the end of the month goes to paying off any loans as fast as I can so I can save interest.
    I forgot to add buying on Ebay... so much savings, you don't have to pay taxes plus you get to bid on items and win them much cheaper than what they sell at the store. It required a little patience though.


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