Friday, June 3, 2011

Fabric Flowers

I finally got around to making these last week for my mom's birthday..

(they're a bit squished from being under the glass in the back of the car)

I made the flowers in two days
and when my parents arrived from MN.
Chickadee3 (2) gave them to Grandma and I she loved them :)

I followed this tutorial to make them...

These are the fabrics I had on hand...
And the stems I gathered from our back yard :) 

Somehow though my flowers did not turn out as open..
But still they are pretty and my mom loved them and I'm happy :)

I think I should have made the gathers tighter because
this is how the flowers should have turned out:
(not my flowers)

Next time I will not procrastinate
and will spend more time playing around with them..


  1. Those are adorable. What a great idea! You should post a tutorial, maybe next time you go at it. :)

  2. Thanks April! I did follow a tutorial
    I don't want to steal her thunder :)


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