Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

 About a month before Father's Day
Mr. Chickadee told me his wallet was getting old.
Was that a hint or did he really need a new wallet?
Mr. Chickadee is a very practical man (aren't they all?) so I took a look at it.
He really was in need of a new one.
I also realized he didn't even know that Father's Day is around the corner :)

So I decided to make him a new wallet from an old leather jacket.
About a week ago he started telling me all the things he would like for Father's Day.
But I already had plans and patterns coming along to make him a new wallet.
So I kept telling him I have a surprise for him.
Then on Friday I made the wallet :)

He ended up receiving his gift earlier
due to a certain 4 year old who couldn't keep the secret :)
That's ok baby I still love you :)
And boy was he surprised!
He didn't even suspect it!
I was very pleased :)

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