Monday, February 12, 2018

Things you may not know about me #5

I got a needle stuck in my palm

When I was 8 or 9.
A friend and I were sewing in the hallway of our apartment building.
A lady asked us to move somewhere else.
I guess two girls sewing and talking was too much for her.
So we moved.
We respect our elders.
As I was sitting down, I put my hand on the floor to brace myself.
I forgot that I had a needle in my hand.
It went straight into my palm.
As I was pulling the needle out, only a part of it came out.
The rest was still in my palm.
The needle went in with the eye first.
The thread was still attached.
I tried pulling on the thread.
But as I did that, the needle would want to flip.
Which hurt.
A lot.
I went to my mom.
She tried to pull.
I screamed.
She took me to the clinic.
They had to make a small cut in my palm to get it out.
I had one stitch.
I remember being upset that it happened at the beginning of school break.
It was my right palm and I'm right handed.
So I milked it an extra 2 days after the break so I wouldn't have to write lol
If I look close enough I can see the two spots where they put in a stitch, somehow they made the cut in a crease that was already there. So there's only the two spots from the needle they used to make the stitch.

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