Friday, October 27, 2017

Thrifty Finds | Episode 2

     I am a thrift store junkie. I love thrift store shopping and almost always find some goodies. Yesterday I went to a local Goodwill to find a cheap art frame to turn it into a chalkboard sign, but as I was browsing, an employee set out a white framed chalkboard. Excatly what I wanted to make in the first place! And it was only $4!

     Later I may add some light grey paint to the edges and inner crevices to give it some depth.. It's perfect for our weekly memory verses..

     Along with the chalkboard I still picked up another frame to turn into a chalkboard for the future mantel.. I plan on making a faux fireplace for the upstairs living room..

     Also picked up a sparkly teal throw and a pretty mint wall tapestry..

     The throw went on the white sofa in the upstairs living room.. love the teal on white!!

So pretty... I love it!

     Not sure yet where I'll hang the tapestry. Maybe as a curtain in one of the kids rooms.. they all have baseboard heaters right under the windows so I can't hang anything long.. or maybe I'll hang it as a tapestry in the play room.

     Isn't it lovely??! I think it combines modern and farmhouse really well..

     I also picked up this beauty on the side of the road. It's got so much potential, I can't believe someone threw it away!! I'm going to make it look fabulous!

What do you think of my thrifty finds?

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