Monday, April 3, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe | Week Three

Week three of my 35 outfits challenge

{Outfit 14}
Mustard yellow shirt,
tucked into grey pencil skirt,
with a black necklace,
& black flats

[Errand Run]
{Outfit 15}
Chambray shirt,
black maxi skirt,
& denim flats

{Outfit 16}
Coral shirt,
tucked into skinny jeans,
& turquoise earrings

{Outfit 17}
Mustard yellow shirt,
front tucked into turquoise maxi skirt,
& turquoise earrings

[Library Trip]
{Outfit 18}
Red shirt,
with grey pencil skirt,
black flats,
& silver earrings

{Outfit 19}
Grey shirt,
with black skinny jeans

[Baby Shower]
{Outfit 20}
Chambray shirt tied,
over red maxi dress,
denim flats (oops, can't see them)
& black necklace

     I seriously have no idea where my red maxi skirt went. It just vanished. Good thing I found a few holes in it last time I wore it and was planning on replacing it anyway. Then just happened to have seen the maxi dress being sold in a local facebook resale group and picked it up on our way to the library on Thursday. I was thinking of turning it into a maxi skirt, but decided to leave it as is for now.

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