Monday, April 10, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe | Week Four

Week four of my 35 outfits challenge
{Outfit 21}
Mustard yellow shirt tucked into
a black maxi skirt

[chiropractic appointment for baby chickadee]
{Outfit 22}
White shirt tucked into
a grey pencil skirt
& black flats


Tuesday & Wednesday
Had a lot of cleaning and dirty work to do..

that's what happens when Mama Chickadee gets a bit lazy on house chores some days..
So no outfits for those two days..


[grocery shopping]
{Outfit 23}
Plaid shirt over black dress
& black flats  


[travel + Women of Joy Conference]
{Outfit 24}
Long grey cardigan over
white shirt 
with skinny jeans
& black flats

[Women of Joy Conference]
{Outfit 25}
Chambray shirt tucked into
a black pencil skirt
with a blue necklace
& black flats

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