Monday, March 20, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe | Week One

Week one of my 35 outfits challenge

{Outfit 1}
White shirt
with turquoise maxi skirt
 & turquoise necklace

{Outfit 2}
Navy & white striped shirt
tucked into red maxi skirt
That day was spent wearing "cleaning clothes"
since I was cleaning and rearranging kids rooms.
No picture of that lol
{Outfit 3}
Light pink shirt
with light grey maxi skirt 
I was reminded why I didn't wear this shirt anymore, I look so washed out in it, but I thought I'd give it another chance, see if I felt different by the end of the day.. well I didn't and so in the bye bye pile it went (after being washed of course) 
{Outfit 4}
Navy & white striped shirt
with same grey maxi skirt
[Hair appointment]
{Outfit 5}
Black & white striped shirt
with dark wash skinny jeans,
turquoise earrings,
& black boots
{Outfit 6}
After the hair cut and some grocery shopping,
I ended up purchasing some shirts at Target
and changed into this mustard yellow one
for dinner with Mr. Chickadee at Olive Garden.

[Women's Conference]
{Outfit 7}
White and black striped shirt,
black skinny jeans,
black necklace/earrings,
& black flats

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