Monday, August 26, 2013

Flying with a toddler

     When we moved to Minnesota, Mr. Chickadee had to go back to Missouri to take care of some business. A couple of weeks ago, Avigail and I, flew back to Missouri to join Mr. Chickadee and take care of some loose ends. My brother in law came along to be our traveling companion and to help Mr. Chickadee with some heavy lifting.

     When people first saw me with a toddler, I could tell they were thinking, "Great! There's a baby on board and it's going to be a long flight."

18 months
But flying with Avigail was quite easy!

     She looked out the window with wonder, looked at some brochures, nursed when she got sleepy, overall just had a good time. After the flight, we had 5 people compliment us on how good she was the whole flight and that they didn't hear a peep from her. She really was very quiet the whole time.

     I barely had to pack anything for her; diapers, wipes, and a few changes of clothes. Wearing her in a wrap was quite helpful in getting around the airport quickly, safely, and less bulky. I honestly can't imagine having to push a stroller, pulling a suitcase, and getting around the crowds. And if you also have to bring a car seat? Nope, baby wearing is the way to go!! Though I have to say, I haven't mastered wrapping yet, I still managed.

The joyous reunion with Papa Chickadee.. They missed each other ♥

     We had to purchase a new car seat for her, so Mr. Chickadee got one on his way to pick us up at the airport. We needed a new one anyway so it worked out perfectly! We took care of our business and drove back to home a few days later.

How do you fly with a baby or toddler?

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