Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving to Minnesota!

      We did it. On July 4th, we FINALLY moved to Minnesota! Closer to my family, well so close that we moved in with them while we look for a place of our own. Mr. Chickadee has been offered a job already, and although he's really not wanting to work construction anymore, work is work, and it is a good paying job with room to grow.

     My parents own a 4 bedroom home; 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, and kitchen on the main floor, and 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and another living room in the basement. So how were we able to fit my parents, younger brother, us, and all of our stuff?

     For starters, we reduced our stuff quite drastically. We kept the school desk, our clothes (that I also reduced), school books, the king bed, kitchen items (though those were thoroughly culled as well), some toys, and of course, I was not going anywhere without any of my crafting stuff! Everything else was either sold or given away; sofa's, recliners, kitchen table, chairs, kids bunk bed and mattresses, kitchen appliances.

We had so little left that we were able to fit it all on Mr. Chickadee's trailer!

Unpacking was more fun than packing!

Found this gem while unpacking.. a bit of love from friends who helped us pack ♥

     Now to fit us all, my parent's let us settle in the basement, minus the one bedroom my brother is in. Most of our big stuff and things we didn't need to have doubles of, since my parent's house is already stocked, we put in my parent's garage for the time being.

     Mr. Chickadee, Baby Avigail, and I in one of the empty bedroom, bed sharing, and the boys in the living room. Which is still also a living room and where we do our school lessons.

We were looking for a new bunk for the boys and a friend of a friend gifted her old one to us. So the two older Chickadees sleep on the top bunk and the two younger Chickadees sleep on the bottom bunk.

A Beka Bible lessons with cousins.

How we organize and keep the toys...
And a small bookcase for all their fun books...

 Over all, not too bad. We all fit and there is plenty of room to play upstairs and outside!

All is well, but we still need to find our own home...

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