Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clothing Overload!!!

     I am ecstatic to announce that we are soon moving out of Missouri and into Minnesota!!! Yahoo! It's about time! I moved to this beautiful state 10.5 years ago, when I married Mr. Chickadee, and it is time we spent the next 10.5 years in the state of 10,000 lakes!! {And in case you didn't know, my whole family lives there and I miss them terribly!}

      With about a month and a half left until our move, I thought I would start packing things away that we don't currently use or just won't need for the next couple of months. The first one being, out of season clothes. Oh boy, am I in for a haul!! I finally stopped being in denial and admitted....


      Why? Why do we have so much clothes?? Yes there are 7 of us, but from the looks of it, you would think there were 50 of us! I though I would take some photos of all the clothes we have, whether they were in a closet, box, or shelf, and share them with you. But I have to say, I am quite embarrassed. So much so, that I can't even share the photo's without having a panic attack!

      If you think about it, how much clothes does a person really need? 7 outfits? 10? 20? I am pretty sure each person in this house has at least 15-20 each of pants, shorts, t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts, at least 5 each of sweat shirts and sweaters, 3-5 pairs of shoes, each person has 2-4 jackets/coats. I alone have at least 20 skirts, at least 15 dresses, and at least 20 pairs of jeans/pants. Don't get me started on socks and underwear. There are about 2-3 plastic tubs full of those!

      I have decided, enough is enough. I am going to simplify! I am going to be ruthless! I am going to try and follow this wardrobe editing decision tree to help me get to that much simpler life that I desperately need right now.

On top of it all I have decided to keep only the following amounts of clothes for everyone:
{I found this list here and tweaked it a bit)

7-8 everyday outfits
1-2 dressy church outfits
2-3 casual dressy outfits

2 sweaters
2 hoodies
4-5 pajamas 

1 pair play shoes
1 pair dress shoes
1 pair casual nice shoes

{douple everything for baby}

Mr. Chickadee
8-10 work outfits
2-3 dressy church outfits
4-5 casual dressy outfits

2 sweaters
2 hoodies 4-5 pajamas
1 pair everyday shoes
1 pair dress shoes
1 pair casual nice shoes 

1 pair sneakers

6-8 everyday outfits 
1 outfit for dirty work
4-5 casual dressy outfits 

4-5 dressy church outfits
4 sweaters
4 hoodies 4-5 pajamas
1 pair of everyday shoes
1-2 pairs casual dressy shoes
2-4 pairs dressy shoes for church
1 pair sneakers
For everyone
1 winter coat
1 dress coat
1 pair of boots

And linens
Sheets: 1 set per bed.
{I get by with one set by washing and putting it back on the same day.}
2 towels per family member
5-6 hand towels
10-12 dish rags
10-12 dish towels
10-12 kitchen hand towels

Stack of old towels


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