Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clothing Overload!!!


      Why? Why do we have so much clothes?? Yes there are 7 of us, but from the looks of it, you would think there were 50 of us! I though I would take some photos of all the clothes we have, whether they were in a closet, box, or shelf, and share them with you. But I have to say, I am quite embarrassed. So much so, that I can't even share the photo's without having a panic attack!

      If you think about it, how much clothes does a person really need? 7 outfits? 10? 20? I am pretty sure each person in this house has at least 15-20 each of pants, shorts, t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts, at least 5 each of sweat shirts and sweaters, 3-5 pairs of shoes, each person has 2-4 jackets/coats. I alone have at least 20 skirts, at least 15 dresses, and at least 20 pairs of jeans/pants. Don't get me started on socks and underwear. There are about 2-3 plastic tubs full of those!

      I have decided, enough is enough. I am going to simplify! I am going to be ruthless! I am going to try and follow this wardrobe editing decision tree to help me get to that much simpler life that I desperately need right now.

On top of it all I have decided to keep only the following amounts of clothes for everyone:
{I found this list here and tweaked it a bit)

7-8 everyday outfits
1-2 dressy church outfits
2-3 casual dressy outfits

2 sweaters
2 hoodies
4-5 pajamas 

1 pair play shoes
1 pair dress shoes
1 pair casual nice shoes

{douple everything for baby}

Mr. Chickadee
8-10 work outfits
2-3 dressy church outfits
4-5 casual dressy outfits

2 sweaters
2 hoodies 4-5 pajamas
1 pair everyday shoes
1 pair dress shoes
1 pair casual nice shoes 

1 pair sneakers

6-8 everyday outfits 
1 outfit for dirty work
4-5 casual dressy outfits 

4-5 dressy church outfits
4 sweaters
4 hoodies
4-5 pajamas
1 pair of everyday shoes
1-2 pairs casual dressy shoes
2-4 pairs dressy shoes for church
1 pair sneakers
For everyone
1 winter coat
1 dress coat
1 pair of boots

And linens
Sheets: 1 set per bed.
{I get by with one set by washing and putting it back on the same day.}
2 towels per family member
5-6 hand towels
10-12 dish rags
10-12 dish towels
10-12 kitchen hand towels

Stack of old towels


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