Friday, March 23, 2018

Keto | Biscuits

     Well well well... wouldn't you know it, I have hopped on the keto bandwagon and have noticed great results!!

     My goal isn't just to lose weight, though it's an added bonus for now hehe, I'm feeling much better too. I'm trying to get rid of access fat and from what I understand, when on a keto diet, your body uses the fat stores as energy. {My} goal is to stay at a healthy weight with muscle, not fat. And if keto helps to burn that access fat, then I'm down!

     I haven't gotten Mr. Chickadee on board yet (I hope to soon), so whatever meals I prepare I make myself something different if it's not keto.

     I've been on the look out for a good keto-friendly bread and made {this recipe} last night with coconut oil and they were scrumptious!! Mr. Chickadee wasn't a fan, but he isn't a huge fan of coconut oil, so there's that.

     Today I decided to add peanut powder to the mix (and butter instead of coconut oil) and oh wow!!! Perfect keto approved snack!

The Chickadees approve!

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