Friday, November 24, 2017

The Thankful Paper Chain

     Every Thanksgiving, we celebrate with family and/or friends. Everyone brings a dish to share, which usually turns into a feast, we talk about things we are thankful for, and generally have a relaxed day of yummy food and fellowship. I really liked a thoughtful Thanksgiving tradition that a wonderful friend of mine started with her family. I thought, "What a great way to get children to think about the things they are grateful for, to see them all in one place, and to have a daily reminder!"

      Their tradition was to write things they were grateful for, all year round. She cut strips from colored construction paper and placed them in a tray with a pen or marker next to a jar. Any time of the year, anyone who was thankful for something, wrote it down and placed it in the jar. On Thanksgiving day, they would read all the strips of paper and the children would help to glue the pieces together to make a long chain. They would then wrap the chain around their Christmas Tree. (Many people put up and decorate a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner) Once the chain was up, they would start another round for the following year.

     Knowing our family, I know we will forget to do it all year round or the papers would get lost.. so I thought it would be great to start on November 1st, then string them up on Thanksgiving day.

Y'all,  I about died at this one.. 

...someone misspelled "fact" lol

What are your Thanksgiving family traditions?


  1. Oh Yelena, I almost cried to see your post. Thanks so much for reminding me of the wonderful times I had with my little ones.


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