Monday, May 30, 2016

Fabric Dolls

     A few years ago, I was looking for something quick to make for a nieces 3rd birthday and found a cute {and free} cloth doll pattern from Make It & Love It. I thought it was a perfect gift for a 3 year old girl and I am so happy she turned out so cute!!
Isn't she just adorable?!

Avigail fell in love, but then had her heart broken that it wasn't for her. 
So I made one just for her, can you see the love? She is so sweet!

Felt like something was missing, so I added pink ruffles to her boots.
Do you see a little smudge on her face? Yep, she's already well played with ♥

And of course she needed a chickadee stamp!

For another nieces 1st birthday,  I wanted to make a smaller one, 
so I reduced the pattern and tweaked her legs a bit.
She is so darling, I could gush for days!
I have to say though, the smaller doll was hard to work with, turning everything right side out and stuffing was a bit more difficult. The original {FREE} doll pattern is pretty easy though!
The skirts are removable, the hair is made with yarn, and I embroidered the eyes instead of using felt. I also made the dolls to match the girls hair and eye color, so they each have a mini me ♥

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