Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Power Phrase

Happy May 1st everyone!!
Last summer I purchased a sewing book:
by Deborah Moebe

Today I would like to share with you something from the book

Power Phrase #3
When you finish a project you've sewed from scratch, there is always a strong temptation to apologize for the flaws. Say you've just whipped up a cute skirt and someone says, "Cute skirt!" Don't reply to that compliment by saying, "Yeah, but the hem is uneven, and the pocket didn't turn out the way that I wanted ..." Heck, no! Always say, "Thanks! It turned out really well." Plus, it prompts them to say, "Did you make that?" To which you can reply, "Yes. Yes, I did."

I think this applies not only to sewing but to all crafts,
and I do it all the time!!
I have tried very hard since then to just accept a compliment
and not point out the flaws.
I am getting better though,
but every time I slip up,
I remember this power phrase.

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