Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Large Family | Traveling with children | Part 2 | Going home

     50 minutes into the trip and everyone needed to use the bathroom.. and they saw a playground.. when traveling with kids, you have to be flexible.. 10 minute break it is..

     One hour of driving later, and that includes half an hour of screaming from the two youngest chickadees, I decided to make a stop. Ice cream sounded like just a perfect treat.

I quickly learned that ice cream was a terrible idea. That is all.

     One of the stops that I wanted to make on our way to Minnesota was the Buddy Holly crash site, but it was getting dark and we couldn't find it. I honestly do not know who Buddy Holly is, we just needed a place to stop and I wanted my kids to see a giant pair glasses lol. So I'm glad we were able to find it on our way home.

     The actual crash site was about a mile hike into the field from the glasses, and to be honest I just did not want to do that with six kids, plus, baby chickadee was sleeping in the car. Maybe when the youngest chickadees get a little bit older we will visit this place again and make the trek.

     Yes, that's a selfie stick you see. You may have heard me, once or twice, express my dislike of them. The chickadees found it and now that I'm able to take a selfie of all of us actually fitting, I think I like it hehe.

     After several hours of driving, we stopped to have a quick picnic and stretch our legs, this was our last "long" stop. We made a few short stops in the last 7 hours of driving and didn't take any more photos. I just wanted to get home already.

     There was a stop I wanted to make when we drove to Minnesota, the Mark Twain Lighthouse in Hannibal, MO. For some reason my GPS did not take me to the right location the first time. So we ended up only seeing a park with a fountain in the middle of it, Central Park. Sadly it was getting too dark, and I was too mentally tired, so we decided to leave it for another trip.

     So that's it! It took us 14 hours to get home, 2 hours less than getting to Minnesota, but somehow it seemed much longer!! My mom says it's because we didn't want to go home haha! What do you think? Why does the drive home always seem so much longer?

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