Wednesday, June 14, 2017

10x10 Mini Capsule Wardrobe Challange

     I'm still working on my capsule wardrobe and trying to decide if I should break it up into seasons, until then I wanted to try the 10x10 challange where you pick 10 items from your closet and style those items into 10 different looks to wear for 10 days.

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After a quick pinterest search, I have concluded that included in the count are core items:

Shoes (though some do not include shoes)

     Not included in the count are any accessories you add to a look:

Base Layers (ie: underwear, tights, bodysuits, socks etc.)
Workout Gear
PJs and Loungewear

This is the formula I chose (I decided to count shoes)

[I use Smart Closet style app on my Samsung]

Camisole: Walmart 
Coral shirt: Target
Fuschia tunic: Amazon
Grey maxi skirt: Lularoe
White jeans: Factory Connection
Black maxi dress: Amazon
Red maxi dress: says [stitch btween] on the tag, I bought it from a friend
Kimono: Amazon
Cognac sandals: Target
Pointy pumps: Old Navy

And these are the 10 outfits that I created and wore the last 10 days:

Black bag: Target
Cognac bag: Factory Connection 
Cognac belt: Ross Dress for Less
White necklace: Amazon
Tassel necklace: Amazon
Baltic amber necklace: Inspired By Finn 
Chickadee nest necklace: made by me

I enjoyed this challenge. Though as a mom, some days I didn't want to do it and one of those days I didn't get dressed until much later in the day.. I'm glad I chose to do the challenge on a busy week. It gave me that push to actually put myself together instead of staying in my PJ's again. Between dentist appointments, grocery shopping,  library trips, and vbs.. this mama looked fabulous.. especially surrounded with 7, some times 9, chickadees. (I watch 2 boys during the week) The best part about getting dressed when you have a capsule wardrobe is the small amount of time it takes to look like you spent over an hour getting ready!

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  1. You looked absolutely adorable in all 10 outfits. Well done.❤️❤️❤️
    I found the challenge quite easy too, but I had a very quiet week, also had some days I didn't feel to well. At least I looked put together anyway.


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