Monday, December 5, 2016

Our home birth story

Many people have been asking to read about our first home birth experience
(after having 6 in the hospital)
so here it is.... 
the birth of our Alexa
(no gory details, I promise)

     On November 17th, the estimated due date, I started having some stronger than braxton hicks contractions that were about 30-60 minutes apart. I thought, "Today is the day!" I even texted and let my midwife and Mr. Chickadee know.

     However, baby chickadee had other plans. She just wasn't quite ready. So for the next 4 days, contractions would pick up during the day and slow down at night. I was in what is called prodromal labor.. or some people call it, false labor. Though I believe that it is still real labor, just very early stage.

     On November 21st, I woke up at 7am with a strong contraction, stayed awake to see if it goes anywhere, and sure enough, contractions were 5-10 mins apart, strong, wrapping around my abdomen, back, and hips. At 7:30 I called Mr. Chickadee (he was hunting nearby) and then texted my midwife at 7:40.

     8am: contractions picked up and were now 2.5 minutes apart! I drew a bath (in my own bathtub) and got in, hoping to relax and maybe slow down the contractions a bit because it was just too intense. Mr. Chickadee got home as I was drawing the bath and made me some scrambled eggs. I ate a little, but was feeling nauseous and took only a few bites. He brought me the electrolyte drink I made and some ginger ale (I drank both interchangeably through the labor).

     After getting into the tub, contractions did slow down to 5-7 minutes apart, still intense, Mr. Chickadee continued to put pressure on my lower back with each contraction. Between contractions I am relaxing, leaning back, but for each contractions I'd either get up on my knees or squat, facing away from Mr. Chickadee so he could apply that much needed back pressure.

     8:50am: midwife arrived. I'm still in good spirits, laughing, having a good time between contractions. Breathing through each contraction. By 9:30 contractions are 4-5 minutes apart and that's when I stopped timing them and concentrated on humming, ohming, and aaahming through each contraction.

     10am: I became more vocal and around 10:15 was starting to feel pressure. At this point I'm not doing a whole lot of laughing or smiling between contractions anymore. Just resting on my back or side, what ever felt good. Using cold wash cloths to cool off my face and neck, as I was still feeling nauseous most of the time.

     11:15am: I think this is when I transitioned because contractions became more intense and I started having slight urges to push.

     11:34am: I started pushing more, still trying to vocalize through each contraction, and doing a great job of it, if I might add.

    11:45am: I could no longer vocalize and just pushed, while on my knees, could not help but push.. and out she came! Head and body almost simultaneously. Midwife unwrapped the cord from her neck, placed her on my chest, and placed a towel around her to keep her warm. She cried for a few minutes and I just sat there holding her, still not knowing whether this baby was a boy or a girl. After a few minutes, I said to Mr. Chickadee, "Shall we look and see who it is?" He said sure and we looked and were overjoyed to discover a girl!!!

     Our daughter was so anxious to meet the new baby, that the whole time, she would knock on the door every half our and ask if the baby was here yet ❤ Once Alexa was born,we let her come in and meet her sister. After a few minutes and a kiss, she ran out to tell her brothers that they have a new sister ❤

      I leaned back to relax and about 10 (or so) minutes later started having contractions again and delivered the placenta at 12pm.

     Mr. Chickadee got to cut the cord for the first time ever!!! And the whole experience was just amazing.

      Mr. Chickadee and my midwife helped me out of the tub, she dried me off, and they led me to the bed. All while Mr. Chickadee was holding our baby girl.

     Once on the bed, my midwife helped to dress me and by that time baby girl was searching and screaming to be fed. So we obliged, while the midwife cleaned up in the bathroom.

     After a good nursing session, baby girl was weighed and measured and checked out perfect. Midwife checked to see if I had any tearing, which I did, but not significant enough for stitches.

     Our chickadees spent the whole time in the living room, quietly watching TV and playing minecraft. It was perfect! The boys weren't even aware of anything that was going on! The only one anxiously awaiting was Avigail. And she finally got that sister she wanted ❤

     After my midwife had left, around 2pm, Mr. Chickadee and I took a very short cat nap. When we woke up, Mr. Chickadee said, "Hey, it's only 3, still plenty of daylight left...." Then asked, "Do you mind if I go and hunt some more?" I said sure! Then joked how he wouldn't have been able to do that had we been in the hospital. And to make the day even more special, Mr. Chickadee shot a deer!

     Life goes on, nothing stops, children are born, daddies continue to provide and feed the family.. mama is going to need all that extra meat now ;)

     And that is how we welcomed our 7th Chickadee ❤

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  1. What a wonderful experience! I'm so glad you got to experience the home birth you really wanted! Congratulations! ~Galina D.


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