Monday, June 27, 2016

My Bucket List

Give birth at home 11.21.16
Become a doula
Visit Sri Lanka
Own and wear a Sari
Yarn bomb
Learn basic ASL
Run in a 5K
Publish a book
Make a vlog and post it
Go on a romantic getaway
Ride an elephant
Convert a school bus into a skoolie
Cross country road trip
Visit my birth place of Moldova
Build a house
Walk in Central Park
Visit the 9/11 Memorial
Survive in the wilderness
Shower under a waterfall
Take a photography class
Go hunting (not for sport)
Go backpacking
Surprise someone
Volunteer 06.29.18
(volunteered at Feed My Starving Children and will volunteer here often!)
Learn self defense 04.15.18
Stand up to a bully
Go on a random trip with no destination
Have a picnic somewhere unexpected 
Visit a castle
 Go on vacation alone
Design and sew a wedding dress
Sew a piece of clothing completely by hand
Build a piece of furniture
Be on American Ninja Warrior
Take an underwater selfie
Be proposed to
Get toned
Visit all 50 states:
(Colored states are states I've visited..)


  1. If you ever make that vlog, I will definitely watch it (=

    1. One day, when I build up the courage ;)


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