Monday, June 27, 2016

My Bucket List

I'm going to update my bucket list here as needed.

Visit Israel and walk the streets Jesus walked
Give birth at home 11.21.16
Become a doula
Visit Sri Lanka
Own and wear a Sari
Yarn bomb
Learn American Sign Language
Make a movie
Run in a 5K
Publish a book
Make a vlog and post it
Go on a romantic getaway
Ride an elephant
Cross country road trip
Visit my birth place of Moldova
Build a house
Survive in the wilderness
Shower in a waterfall
Take a photography class
Kill a deer (not for sport)
Go backpacking
Surprise someone
Be proposed to
Learn self defense
Stand up to a bully
Go on a random trip with no destination
Have a picnic somewhere unexpected 
Visit a castle
 Go on vacation alone
Design and sew a wedding dress
Create a capsule wardrobe
Be on American Ninja Warrior
Take an underwater selfie
Visit all 50 states:
(Colored states are states I've visited..)


  1. If you ever make that vlog, I will definitely watch it (=

    1. One day, when I build up the courage ;)


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