Monday, June 22, 2015

Blessed is the man...

...whose quiver is full of them [children]. Psalm 127:5

And boy is our quiver full!
I made Mr. Chickadee this wonderful shirt for Fathers Day...

We have 5 boys and 1 girl, so naturally one arrow had to have a pink bow ♥
More arrows can be added as needed ;)

I did break a few needles
 (and possibly a few blood vessels)
trying to sew through the leather strips,
so make sure you use a needle specific for leather,
but it was well worth it to see Mr. Chickadee wear it proudly!!

Everything was cut freehand and sewn with extra strong thread for jeans.
The shafts of the arrows are made of 3mm leather cord, quiver and fletching of vinyl fabric.
Though I don't suggest using vinyl, it makes Mr.'s back sweat something fierce! I would use some breathable fabric instead.

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