Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lego Birthday Party

It was Simon's 10th birthday on May 12th (sorry it took this long to post)
He is very big into Legos right now and I thought it would be awesome to have a Lego themed party for him.. I would have done more, as I found a whole lot of ideas on pinterest, but I ended up spending almost a week in the hospital with one of my other chickadees before the party, so this is as much as I could do with the little time I had. Enjoy :)

Browsing pinterest I found this pin with a bunch of FREE Lego printables.
And that is where I got the printable Lego letters for the banner. Printed them on regular white printer paper, cut them out, and glued onto thick red card stock. Punched holes in the top corners and strung them on yarn.

I bought square yellow paper plates at Party City, I was suprised to find out they carry absolutly no Lego themed ANYTHING!! So I made do with what they did offer. I had planned on drawing Lego man faces on the plates, but couldn't figure out a way to do that safely, so left them as is. I had the birthday boy make the Lego cutlery and napkin holders.

 There were so many ideas on Lego birthday cakes, and I wanted to make something like this, but since we spent almost a week in the hospital I didn't order the Lego candy in time. Then I found this pin and decided I could do that instead. So I baked two cakes in bread pans and some cupcakes. I think the blogger used cookies for the Lego bumps, but I thought cupcakes would be easier. I frosted the cakes in red and blue frosting, then cut the tops off the cupcakes, frosted the sides and bottoms of the cupcakes, and put them upside down on the cakes.

Found this idea on pinterest as well. Only I used edible paints to paint on the faces..
  I found different Lego face examples here.

I got 10 balloons in different Lego colors at Party City as well.

 This FREE "Pin the head on the Lego guy" printable can be found here. I printed on colored thick card stock.

Birthday boy pinning the first head.

I wanted more activities for the children and decided instead of printing ready heads, I printed blank ones and had the children draw and color their own.

So that is about all that I could muster in a couple of days,
Thanks for reading :)

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