Monday, September 12, 2011

Clean House

     I love to be pregnant. The wonder and joy of a child growing in my womb shows me daily of the great power of our Creator.

     Although the first trimester of my pregnancies is not always filled with joy and wonder, I revel in each and every single one. For me the first trimester is filled with happiness and excitement, but mostly I am plagued with all day, and sometimes even at night, nausea. The nausea robs me of all my energy and with it goes my strength to do my daily chores and activities. Mr. Chickadee then has to step in and help around the house, washing dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, sweeping the floor, making the boys do their chores, etc. Of course he is not able to keep up with the house like I would and I don't blame him. After 8-10 hour shifts at work as a carpenter, he is beyond exhausted and wants to come home to rest, not do my chores.

"My love,
I am forever grateful for the mess you had to put up with
and all the help you have given.
I love you more than words could ever begin to describe."

     Even with Mr. Chickadee's help, and 4 chickadees to keep us on our toes, you can imagine the state of my house. It was a mess!

     Which is why I love the second trimester. The nausea is gone, my energy starts to return, and I can bring my house back from chaos and into a place of serenity. Not to mention start doing the things I love, like sewing and playing games with my chickadees.

     That is what I have been doing all of last week. I have been working hard to clean my house. The process is slow, after all my energy is just returning, not quite back yet completely. Non the less my house is beginning to look and yes, even smell clean. I can actually invite friends and family over for a visit! And that makes me feel even better.

     There is still quite a few big chores that need to be done, like folding all the boxes of clean laundry, cleaning and organizing the coat and linen closets and cleaning and organizing the school area and of course my sewing/craft area. But all in all my house is beginning to be one of peace and tranquility, that is if you can hear past the four happy, but loud chickadees.

     With my house on its way to becoming orderly, I can now enjoy the miracle that is growing inside me and my awesome husband can come home, relax and enjoy it with me.

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