Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Perfect Day

I woke up at 8 am yesterday morning, all alone in my bed and fully rested.

The chickadees woke up with out a fuss and happily ate
their каша [kasha] {cream of wheat} and drank all their milk.
When they were done, they placed their dishes into the sink and offered to wash them.
After every one helped to clean up, we all prepared for school.

 Simon, the oldest chickadee, found the right DVD and turned it on to start their class.
Through out our school day I had to remind the chickadees,
only a few times to sit down, pay attention, or do their seat-work.
And the two youngest ones played quietly in their room, interrupting us only a few times.

For lunch we had delicious sandwich wraps and played tag outside,
after which, we finished up school, while the baby napped.

I prepared dinner, while the boys played pretend Blue's Clues.
After dinner, during which no one complained,
we all cleaned up and sat down to watch a quiet movie.

At 9 pm I helped the children put on their PJ's and brush their teeth.
They had some water and fell fast asleep.

I sat in the clean living room and thought sadly to myself...
what an uneventful day....
and then I woke up...
surrounded with three chickadees :)  

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