Monday, May 29, 2017

Kiki gave birth..

     Double post today, but I got to witness and assist our yorkie give birth yesterday!! It was quite an experience for me.. This isn't her first litter; she had one single puppy last year, but we woke up and she was already nursing him. This time I witnessed 4 puppy births!!

     Kiki went into labor when we were all still sleeping. When we woke up half of the first puppy was hanging out lifeless and Kiki was in distress. I googled to see what I can do and, following instructions, gently pulled the puppy with each contraction. I tried cpr and even mouth to mouth, but it was too late. It was so sad.. Then Kiki was still in distress and all the kids kept trying to pet the puppy, stalling labor for the next puppy.. so I moved her to my bathroom and closed us in there.. she then had 3 healthy puppies ❤ I did have to assist in shredding the cord for every puppy because it was just so short, she had a hard time with it. Also had to break the sack of 2 of the puppies, seemed like she couldn't do it either.. Otherwise she did amazing in taking care of her pups, cleaning and feeding them. Shout out to my friends Chelsea and Samantha for assisting me via texts and phone calls ❤❤❤

In the end, all is well. Both momma and 3 puppies are doing great ❤

P.S. we have 2 girls and 1 boy, the puppy that didn't make it was a girl.

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