Friday, April 7, 2017

Dream Home | Monolithic Dome Home

     What is a monolithic dome home? Well, it is literally a dome shaped building. Its shell is made of concrete, reinforced with re-bar, making these structures nearly indestructible in hurricanes and tornadoes. Monolithic domes have been used for homes, churches, schools, sports, storage, etc.

Here is one beautiful example:

 and here is a cutaway of the shell so you can see what it's made of:

      We have known about these super structures for quite some time, and have wanted to build one for just as long. It wasn't until the recent (Perryville EF-4 rated) tornado that plowed through a nearby town just 5 minutes away, that we made the decision to get on with it and started looking at resources and floor plans.

We think we have found the right floor plan for our family needs..
though we did modify it slightly..
 (link to the original plan DL-5017)

There are many beautiful monolithic homes
that have been built around the US, here are just a few..
Click on the links under each photo
for more information and interior photos of those homes..
At Home in Sweet Dome Alabama
more info | interior
Beautiful Monolithic Dome Home
in the Texas Hill Country
A Rock Covered Dome
A Beautiful Monolithic Dome Home
The Tassell Home
Xanadu - A Dome in Paradise
Xanadu of Sedona

 And apparently there is even one in Russia!!
First Monolithic Dome Home
in Moscow, Russia

 Aren't these just beautiful and amazing?!!
I am quite looking forward to when we build our chickadee nest ♥

For more information on monolithic dome homes, check out

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