Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jean Jacket Pocket Fix

I have wanted a cute jean jacket for quite some time now,
but haven't been able to find one I loved.

About a month ago I saw this jacket at a thrift shop,
but there was a problem with it.

The problem was that the pockets were too bulky.

I decided to buy it anyway and just fix the problem.

While taking the pockets apart
I realized that not only the inside of the pocket made of jean fabric,
but there were like a zillion other layers!

I wanted to take out the old pockets and sew in new thinner ones.

That didn't work, so I ended up sewing the pocket holes shut (by hand).

But that created 2 problems:

1. No pockets.
2. A mess on the inside.

My solution?

I made new pockets,
and because I didn't feel like sewing them on by hand,
I used fabri-tac to attached them
covering up the mess :)

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