Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Shoes...

I want to make some baby shoes from these leather jackets I have...
waiting to see the light of day...

A friend of mine told me about this flea market/ fall fest thing,
sorry Stacy I completely forgot what it was called,
that they have near their home in the fall.
You purchase a stand and can sell anything you want.
So we want to sell things we make.
First thing that popped in my mind was...
baby shoes!!

So now I need to make a pattern...

There is one problem...

Which one should I make????
These are not in any particular order,
I love all of these!

Some of these won't go for boys
and some won't go for girls...
Which shoe would look better from which jacket?
Should I make them with laces?
Or is velcro a better option?
I want to make them all!!!
Or am I crazy to even think about cutting those leather jackets?!
 Help me decide?
pst... you can click on the photos to enlarge them :)


  1. I think I would start with number 4 as they look like they might not be too complicated - especially if it's the first time you've done these. I think the green leather would look fab!

  2. I would think that number 1 is basic enough to start with in the green. I'm concerned there is no way to secure 4 to a kicking baby foot. Number 1 is the next simplest...though I love 2....

  3. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    I would LOVE #8 with the green jacket. They'd be like little elf/forest shoes, and good for girls or boys. Otherwise any of the first 4 would be great out of any of the jackets. I'd go for keeping it simple. Laced shoes are probably not your best beth, and are harder to make.

  4. Some thoughts from someone who has sewn baby shoes and has worked with leather...

    you will have to think how many layers some of the parts will need. Keep the pieces simple and the places where you will need to sew through several layers or your machine will complain.

    It also depends on the weight of the leather in the jackets. some jacket leather will be too bulky for wee baby shoes.
    Have you sewn leather before? you won't be able to do it by hand like some of the shoes you show have been done.

    Do you plan some sort of lining? Some of the leathers will not be nice on the inside of the jacket. and therefore will not be nice to look at in the inside of the shoe. they may even be quite rough for tender little feet. so you may have to think of lining...which of course means more layers to sew through in the little pattern pieces.
    4 and 8 are the very easiest, but like Stacy said, would come off with no effort.

    From there,
    I think no.1 is easiest but use an elastic fastening like for no.2 because the little strap will be very difficult. If it uses velcro, that is hard enough to sew without doing it on leather.
    However, I would put the back seam to the outside so the edge of the leather won't rub on baby's foot. combined would be a better idea.

    no. 2 is second easiest and it would be the one I would choose. you don't have to embroider it. you can sew the seams with a straight stitch on a machine if you are careful. If you like the oversewn look for the seams, some machines have settings which give that look.

    you might want to try one or two patterns out on corduroy first to see how complicated they are.

    and another thought... check out the requirements for baby wear in your country. the leathers in the jackets have been treated and especially the green one. some babies take their shoes off and put them in their mouth! you don't want a mum to come after you in the courts.

    lots of luck, Sandy


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